Here I bring yet another adventure of Mommy ‘n’ Princess “A Healthy Homemade Ice-cream”. This effort of mine came in as a result of my sister’s request to prepare an ice cream which could be healthy. First of all I wondered how would I make an ice cream! Will that be even possible? Then I thought lets give it a try. But again my thoughts were how would I make a healthy one. I wasn’t sure if I can actually make healthy ice creams. A series of discussion kept running inside me regarding healthy and non-healthy things to consider.

As I continued thinking the first thought was what could be a healthy ice cream? Probably an ice cream without binding agents and without any added chemicals. So I started with minimum available ingredients at home, such as:

  2 cups full cream milk

  1/4 cup brown sugar

  1 extra tbsp sugar

  1/8 tsp of salt.

  1 and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.


   I mixed all the ingredients together and churned it using a hand blender. When the mixture turned into a bubbled structure I covered it and kept it in the freezer. Again when I checked it after half an hour the consistency was same and there was no ice formation. So after another half an hour I checked again and I could see it had started to freeze over the edges. Now I took my blender again churned it till the ice got turned into liquid and kept it back in the freezer. Now I started to check every one-hour as I had analyzed the freezing time of my fridge. I repeated this process 4 to 5 times.20170326_152228

My toughest task was to wait for an hour, as my princess would come to me asking every fifteen minutes –

“Mamma is it ready?”

   She was very excited that her favorite vanilla ice cream was being made at home that too in a healthy way.

This time it took me a little while to check my ice cream, may be around two hours. So, the texture of the ice cream was hard like ice but I was able to break it easily with the blender. Again I churned it until I got a creamy texture and kept it back in the freezer. After a while when I checked again, I was so glad to see that it didn’t form an iced texture this time. Finally my ice cream was in the actual ice-cream form. Therefore, with a happy mood I served my home made healthy ice cream to my super excited princess.  But my happy mood turned into a sad one pretty soon as she did not like the taste of it and started asking me if we can make some junk ice cream next.


Yes I have to agree that the taste was just fine since I just added normal milk. The taste would have been enhanced if I had used Almond milk or heavy cream. So, I further added ¼ cup of condensed milk and churned it again. After churning twice with a gap of an hour, my ice cream got its real shape and taste. 


Yaay!!  I was finally able to scoop my ice cream with a spoon. Ultimately our ice cream adventure came to an end. Continue reading “ICE CREAM ADVENTURE”

Mommy Goes Baking

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Mommy Goes Creative

Creativity is something that was never in my genes. But being a mother life has taught me a lot of things. Even though I have not tried much of crafty stuff in my school days but since my daughter got into school I had to start with it. As part of my grade 1 princess’s homework I had to try my hands on making some tiny finger puppets. It may not appear that perfect but honestly it’s actually a big thing for me because this side of me that I have never explored. I’m not a born creative person but … Continue reading Mommy Goes Creative