Mommy Goes Creative

Creativity is something that was never in my genes. But being a mother life has taught me a lot of things. Even though I have not tried much of crafty stuff in my school days but since my daughter got into school I had to start with it. As part of my grade 1 princess’s homework I had to try my hands on making some tiny finger puppets. It may not appear that perfect but honestly it’s actually a big thing for me because this side of me that I have never explored. I’m not a born creative person but nowadays I think I can be one when in need. Thanks to Google and YouTube that so many mommies like me are able to explore themselves as part of their kid’s curriculum. So enough of my stories for today, here I go with my small attempt in making of tiny finger puppets.

Things you will need:

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Color papers

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Ruler

  • Black Marker

I started with the king of the jungle – The Lion

In this project I’ve taken a yellow paper for the body and face of the Lion.

1) First fold the yellow paper for Lion's body
 2) Draw a rectangle on the paper using pencil and ruler wide enough to insert your finger.


3) Cut through the rectangle neatly using scissors.
 4) Since you had folded the paper before cutting you will get two pieces of    rectangle.
 5) Now stick the 3 sides of those rectangle pieces together and leave one side of  breadth open in order to slide the puppet over your finger.
 6) Now take another paper [I’ve taken orange here] and draw lion's mane on it.


7) Again take a yellow paper and draw the lion's face using a black marker and stick the mane and the face together as show in the picture.
 8) Now stick the face to the rectangular body that was made previously.

Tadaaa! Your first finger puppet is ready. Make sure once the cutting is done kindly erase the pencil outlines, trust me it will look much better. Similarly I have made a Rabbit puppet as well. I have also added the picture for the same. You may experiment with other animal miniatures too.


This is so easy and fun that my six-year-old princess made by herself a girl and boy. So every one can try this without a second thought.

This was totally a fun experience and thanks to the below YouTube tutorial for bringing out the ideas in me.

How to make Finger Puppets out of Felt Cloth and Foam Sheet



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