This is My first ever blog and I am gonna start this with all those things that I do in my everyday life which may turn helpful to anyone who can relate to me. I am always confused on what I wanna talk about because I’m still confused on what I want from life. You will always see me among those who belong to the “I don’t know” category in most of the opinion polls :p. I may be confused but I am still a very positive person, always trying to be a better person inside out. Now let me tell you why I chose the title ‘The Home Maker’. Home maker is someone Who is totally dedicated to their family yet always wears a thinking hat to think about doing something new to turn things better in everyone’s life at home. Well! I am one among them. The main reason to choose this name was because a homemaker is someone who can talk about a lot of things. We can be everywhere anytime. The topics from kitchen to politics, health to beauty, bringing up kids to being an entrepreneur we can be part of anything. So here I am with some of my experiences, opinions, views and just everything that I can relate to….

Yours lovingly,