Mommy Goes Baking

      All the mothers of little prince and princess will surely know what all are their growing demands and what all effort we have to put in order to fulfill them. So this time I had to become a baker. You may think what is the big deal about this; well I had never used an oven in my life. This was the first time I tried and it was to fulfill my daughter’s demand. So her demand was to bake a cake. I was like! Cake! Seriously!!  I was not at all sure about the result. So as … Continue reading Mommy Goes Baking


        According to the dictionary there are various definitions for the word “space”; during childhood we were taught the meaning of space as “A continuous area or expanse, which is free, available or unoccupied”. NASA may define space as “the region beyond the earth’s atmosphere or beyond the solar system and so on.”  But here I am not discussing about any of these. What is space according to you? A mother, a father, a child, a husband and a wife may have different definitions for space in their life. Surprisingly I found the meaning of the space … Continue reading P.S – THIS ARTICLE IS NOT ABOUT SCIENCE